At Truly Sichuan, you could still enjoy traditional, authentic Chinese Food the way it is done in China! Please be patient with us while we make these delicious meals known in China for hundreds of  years, some of which take tremendous amount of time and skills before they are served. Please note we do NOT have mustard, crunchy noodles and fortune cookies as ALL of our items come with MATCHING sauce if applicable.

      Our online ordering system does not allow for real-time updates for wait time. Generally your order will be ready approximately 20 to 30 minutes after you submit it during week days and  30 to 40 minutes during weekends and holidays. Please note, except for food allergies, we can not customize your order on holidays. Also some of the customizations are simply impossible. For example, adding sauce to Crispy Sichuan Shrimps will defeat the "Crispy" feature of the entree. Please note you may get different take-out containers similar in size due to supply issues (availability can vary from time  to time!)

      We do offer FREE curbside pick up. Applicable Online ONLY discount (if any) is automatically applied when order amount meets or exceeds required threshold. 

To be environmentally friendly and cost effective, disposable utensils will NOT be provided unless requested. Thank you!



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